Sexual Fetishes

Some sexual fetishes are weird, but does having a weird sexual fetish make you a weird person? For decades, certain fetishes have been utterly taboo, kept in the dark or only shared in dark corners of major cities in absolute secret.

Today is a new day. The Internet gives a sense of community to just about anyone, regardless of the specificity or plain weirdness of their chosen fetish. The people who have these fetishes know some people perceive them as weird, but often these fetishes are the only thing that gives them true satisfaction. This begs the question: Why can some people only gain satisfaction through weird sexual fetishes?

Defined The definition of a fetish is when a person derives strong sexual arousal from some non-human object, a non-genital body part, or a bodily secretion. That’s a rough definition of a fetish. Some also describe it as being aroused by something that is not arousing to a majority of people.

Terms The word fetish in itself is the subject of some controversy. For instance, some people use the term "paraphilia" to describe a sexual activity that is extreme or deviates from the norm. Fetishes that are considered paraphilia in the medical community are teated as sicknesses that need to be treated.

Pavlov Boot Study In 1989, researchers showed a group of men images of naked women alongside images of boots. Eventually, the men would become aroused by the images of the boots on their own.

Serotonin and endorphins can form connections in the brain or neural pathways that link the pleasure of sex with pain. Often, when these pathways are formed, the pain must be heightened in order to experience the same type of arousal.

Fetish An object thought to have magical, especially magically sexual, powers

A sexual fixation or obsession with a usually non-sexual object. EX. socks, horses, monkeys, pain, bondage

Holy shit those socks really get me turned on because of this sock fetish of mine. Rubs socks on body

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