Top definition of Sissy maid (tongue in cheek)

A sissified boy or man willing to work as a kitchen maid, laundry mail, scullery maid, woman's maid or housemaid. Often submissive in nature, a sissy maid may easily be convinced to wear a dress or maid's uniform in which to perform "her" sissy duties

When she discovered how subservient he was, she gave him a long list of daily, weekly and monthly chores to perform. He became her sissy maid, and she rewarded his slavish devotion. She allowed him to slowly earn a proper maid's outfit complete with frilly underthings and a pretty pinafore apron in which to experience the drudgery of never-ending housework.

Sissy, sissy-maid, sissy-slut, sissy-bitch, cross dresser, transvestite, these terms to describe a certain brand of sub. As with all forms of kink, the feminization of the male sub and its multi-layered pleasures is highly psychological.

He becomes an object for said woman to toy with and use based on Her terms and Her preferences. This element of emasculation is intense, especially when ordered to perform what are traditionally "female tasks" such as cleaning and cooking under the scrutiny of the Mistress(es). He becomes exposed, controlled, and liberated all at once.

Laughing and pointing at his ridiculousness, the Mistress reminds him that he is but an inferior MALE and that beauty is reserved only for women. He is but a caricature of a woman, therein lies his humiliation. The sissy wants to be the Mistress' plaything, object, slut, and whore. He abdicates his male status so that he CAN assume these submissive roles for Her. The Mistress and sissy are not reinforcing the existing norms: they are challenging and repurposing it into a fun, perverted game for their own gratification.

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