Hi Slaves Just a short blog this week as I am not totally too experienced in this particular fetish, there is only one that sticks in my mind, there are a few more but this one I can not forget every time I look at a standard lamp it reminds me of this particular slave.

After a particular rough bondage session my slave requested to be tied to the standard lamp naked with electrical flex with electrodes attached to his penis and a lamp shade big enough to hide his face I had to administer the punishment without him seeing me and he liked it set high, his penis seemed to like it too.

FORNIPHILIA Is a form of bondage and sexual objectification in which a person's body is incorporated into a chair, table, cabinet or other piece of furniture.

Ever wanted to act like a piece of furniture? That is called forniphilia (or maybe you want someone to act as a piece of furniture for you). This fetish is popular in the BDSM subculture. This fetish became popular in the 1970s due to an Allen Jones exhibit. The artist had human beings on display being used as household objects and furniture; a lady was used as a toilet roll dispenser, a chair, a table top and even a plant display. This fetish has more of a sexual vibe now but before it was used purely for art; but is there really a difference

Woman: would you like to be my next forniphilia project? Man: ok, can I be a chandelier this time?

FORNOPHILIAC SEX * Someone who likes having sex with furniture * Maria is such a fornophiliac, she likes to pleasure herself with her bedpost

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