Sounding for pleasure

Not everyone’s cup of tea I have some slaves who enjoy this procedure but is Generally an activity for the more experienced sexual adventurer, sounding is the act of sliding a (very well lubricated) rod down the urethra the bit of your anatomy that you pee out of for pleasure.

And strange as it may seem, plenty of people do just that and it’s more popular than you might imagine. Strap-ons are a brilliant way of experiencing sex Inserting something into your tender bits sounds ouchy, but plenty of people get off on it. And yes, women do it too. But this particular fetish isn’t straightforward you need to do your research first and take care all the way. This is made simpler for men by the fact that the entrance is obvious and the internal tube is straighter and longer. Women’s urethras are far more discreetly tucked away so even greater care needs to be taken to avoid damaging the delicate tissue.

Plenty of adult stores now stock sounding equipment. What is it that makes sounding pleasurable. As with most sex play, there are two main reasons to explore urethral sounding for the physical benefits and also for the psychological turn on. The urethra is lined with super sensitive nerve endings, which can be extremely pleasurable when stimulated. Additionally, for those with a penis, deep urethral play is the only way to directly massage the prostate.

Psychologically, many people find the fact that they’re doing something ‘unnatural’ a turn on. For people with a penis who so often tend to be the penetrators, rather than the penetrated. If you decide to carry this out on yourself by yourself be very careful, or you can pay me a visit I will show you the way.

Mistriss K hoping to sound you out

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