Gum Fetish

When you get turned on by people chewing gum and blowing bubbles. This is a widely misunderstood fetish.

Chewing Gum Basically it is a fetish where one gets turned on by watching people blow bubbles. The fetishist may hoard tapes, DVDs, and/or recordings that include scenes where the characters blow Gum bubbles look up videos on YouTube of people blowing bubbles, and/or beg people they know to blow bubbles when they realize the other person is chewing gum.

Sometimes the fetishist is into blowing gum bubbles himself (or herself, but 9 times out of 10 it's guys that have this fetish). Often the same person also has balloon fetish, where they get turned on by watching people blow up balloons, and/or inflatable __fetish, __ where they get turned on by watching people blow up well, anything inflatable.

Guy #1: "Dude, why are you spacing out?" Guy #2: "That hot chick over there's blowin' bubbles." Guy #1: "You and your gum fetish." (rolls eyes)

If you have this fetish bring your favourite __gum __and lets blow.

Oral Sex is like chewing gum enjoy it. But try not to swallow


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