Sexual Fetish based on your star sign

Just a bit of fun, or maybe not.. what do you think?

Sexual Fetish based on your star sign

Star sign Libra Known as the people pleasers, the Libra loves romanticism, fantasies and experimenting. They strive to keep things interesting for not only them, but their partner as well. The butt is commonly associated with the Libra, they enjoy spanking and any other kind of tooshie play.

Star sign Virgo You’ll probably be surprised at first to learn how different the Virgo’s sexual demeanor is from their everyday shyness. They really find sexual bliss in submission, role-play, masks, handcuffs and lingerie. Once a Virgo gets to know you, you probably won’t have much time left over to do anything else.

Star sign Aquarius As the official sign of the coming age, they will fetish with anything that seems progressive or risqué. They have a very open mind, and typically like cyber/phone sex, group sex,they LOVE sex toys, bad girl/boy types and dirty talk.Unpredictable romance and wild physical passion are big turn ons for them. Sometimes, they will offer up more than others can handle.

Star sign Pisces Since this sign rules the feet, it’s no surprise that toe fetishes are common among Pisces. They also love imagery, so photo play can be a fetish of theirs as well. They value the emotional connectivity of sex over the physical aspect. However, you might have to do most of the work.

Star sign Scorpio Considered the “horn dogs” of the zodiac, Scorpios will definitely show you a good time. Unfortunately, they tend to have a “love em and leave em” attitude, which might make things frustrating. They find pleasure in bondage, body odor, and semi-public sex such as in parked cars or alleyways. Anything having to do with mystery appeals to the Scorpio.

So they you have it on fetish star signs the ones left out were romantic cuddly Kissy ones

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