Panty Sniffers

anty sniffer. A man who cannot be trusted around worn panties. He has an uncontrollable urge to wear them on his face causing him to look like Spider-Man

This (usually) being a male of any age who sniffs the used and soiled panties of a girl, lady or woman. The stained panties of women have a wide variety of smells and tastes, ranging from urine stains, vaginal juice stains, menstrual blood stains, vaginal mucus stains to feces stains.

The odour of the stain(s) can be highly arousing to the sniffer and masturbation is often conducted in a highly aroused state, almost beyond the sexual highs of regular sexual contact. This 'high' is due to an additional adrenalin release because of the 'guilt' factor of solitary masturbation with a fetish object. Regular panty sniffers often become so obsessed with the act, that they will go to extraordinary lengths to obtain used women panties . The ultimate goal is often younger ladies panties; which have a slightly fishy odour and are often heavily stained with younger vaginal juices. Some sniffers prefer the more mature lady's panties which have a higher mucus content and that zinc pink odour and taste, mixed with a few drops of stale urine. then their is the more perverse panty sniffer who seeks for evidence of feces or stools staining.

I.e Desmond, went to the bathroom immediately after his cousin Sarah had showered and locked the door. There on the floor were her panties and night shirt tossed in the corner. Little did Sarah know that he masturbated furiously each morning with her __ panties__ over his head. To him, those panties were more than their weight in gold.

Panty fetishers a weeks notice required to achieve the correct aroma

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