Referring to sex in water as opposed to water sports which generally involve urine or enemas. People are often fond of of masturbating or having sex in the shower, rain or the ocean, swimming pool and the Jacuzzi. Fellatio, during which the partner holds hot water in their mouth is another form of water sex that is sometimes mentioned.

Caesar was inventive with aquatic sex sports. He had young boys trained to swim after him and come up from below to suck and nibble on his genitals. He called these boys his minnows. Some women used the water flow from their bidet for Masturbation this is called bidetonism and having a good time sex sport

Bars Sponsor entertainment sex sport such as naked women swimming in a large aquarium and wet T shirt or jock strap contests. In bath tubs soap is often used as a lubricant to insert fingers, toes, and toys into openings. Gloves, brushes, or chemical scrubs are used for body massage and some people bind their partners wrists with rope or blindfold them. The joys of sex.

Caution Electric or battery operated devices are dangerous near water as sex sports in a swimming pool or outdoor body of water during a storm. Nudity in ocean water has led to so many men having had their uncovered genitals stung by jelly fish. Who is the lucky ones the men or the jelly fish??

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