Hair Fetish Pubephilia

A patch of hair that causes nothing but trouble. Men expect women to shave it, but goddamn it, it itches! Pubic hair is natural, just trim it a little so it doesn't stick out of your bathing suit. The hair in the groin area, obtained during puberty which can be beautiful and sexy. There is no good reason for people today to shave this hair off (trimming is OK). Hundreds of years ago some people had to shave it because of lice, but then some would wear a merkin to cover the bare spot -- so they wouldn't look prepubescent.

Definition - What does Pubephilia mean?

Pubephilia is a sexual attraction to pubic hair. Most commonly people with pubephilia known as pubephiles, are attracted to women with noticeable pubic hair, but pubephiles can be of any gender and sexual orientation. Pubephiles may become aroused by the sight or the feel of human pubic hair.

Pubephilia is a type of trichophilia, or hair fetish. It is also known as a pubic hair fetish. Pubephiles typically have a preference for different types of pubic hair. They may prefer delicate bushes or thick pubic hair, or pubic hair of a particular color.

Pubephiles are likely to seek out sexual partners that maintain their pubic hair rather than waxing or shaving it off. In some cases, pubephiles may also collect the pubic hair from places such as public bathrooms.

Some people theorize that pubic hair may be arousing to pubephiles because it is seen as something of a taboo. Many people grow up with little nudity in the home, and pubic hair was often not depicted on artworks throughout history. In modern society, Brazilian waxing has become a mainstream activity and pornography rarely shows women with pubic hair.

Pubephilia is a relatively harmless paraphilia, and most pubephiles accept the paraphilia as simply a part of their sexual identities.

The stuff that gets in the way of the girls face when she is sucking your dick, also known to other women as fuzzy and fun to pull ((ooooooooooowwwwwwww))

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