A little story for my devoted slaves

My friend had a pain clinic a bit different to mine but still the mention of pain can be a turn on for clients. Each time we allow energy to settle down before building it up, we are expanding the body's ability to enjoy pleasure.. I once did an experiment that is regarding this point.

This friend of mine at the pain clinic said to lessen chronic pain the doctor would first place a needle in the patients body at a certain key point, then a current of electricity would be sent into the patients body through the needle. Over a one hour period the current flow would be dramatically increased. It was amazing how much more electric current the body could accept if the flow was slowly Although I was not experiencing chronic pain I wanted to see what this treatment felt like.

They put the needle in my arm then slowly turned up the electricity until I felt a burning pain, at that point I signalled it was too much and they reduced it a little then left it at a more comfortable level, after ten minutes the nurse came and turned the knob that immediately doubled the intensity. I could feel the difference but it did not burn at all.

Because the electricity flow was first at my maximum tolerance then was decreased a little and kept at that point for ten minutes my body had time to adjust and open up to receive more current in just ten minutes I could receive just as much electric current I was amazed.

You see I feel the pain too and the pleasure

After another ten minutes the nurse came back and again increased the flow by the original amount after just twenty minutes I was easily able to accept three times the original amount. Every ten minutes for a hour the flow was increases after a hour I could receive without shock or pain six times the original amount, by slowly adapting to the current y body could take six times more current this was a typical response.

The next day I returned to the clinic and started with the same amount that I had begun with the day before. Then I decided to turn the current up further anyway and doubled the amount right away instead of waiting ten minutes I ended up shocking and burning myself I was able to clearly experience the body's ability to adapt and receive more current if given time.

In a similar way in sex if we take the time to build up the energy and then get used to it and then build again the ability to experience pleasure dramatically increases. By building up the energy and then pausing we are actually expanding our container of pleasure so that we can experience greater enjoyment and have bigger and fulfilling orgasms.

When you take the time to build up pleasure again and again you have a full body orgasm if you just get excited and go straight for a quick orgasm it is generally more concentrated in the genitals and not nearly as grand.

You see I feel the pain too and the pleasure

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