Erotic Piercing

Erotic piercing can enhance pleasure and but can cause potentially serious problems. Surgical decoration of the body, especially the ears, nostrils, eyebrows and navel sometimes the tongue, nipples or genitalia. Considered attractive by some, disgusting by others

Not long ago, piercing meant one hole per earlobe and only in women. Today, both women and men get pierced and in addition to the ear, other body parts may be pierced for erotic enhancement the tongue, nipples, scrotum, vaginal lips, clitoral hood, and head of the penis. If you like the look and feel of erotic piercing, great, get pierced and enjoy yourself. But be very careful.

As Old As the Mayans Piercing chic is nothing new. The Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian sex treatise, mentions apadravya, which involved piercing the glans (head) of the penis and inserting a small rod capped by two balls, which purportedly enhanced intercourse. During the reign of Louis XIV, piercing the head of the penis and fitting it with a ring secured to the side of the man’s pants, known as a Prince Albert.

Erotic Enhancement? Dozens of Internet sites tout erotic piercing for sexual enhancement. Proponents say that that pierced nipples provide marvellous erotic stimulation, that ball-topped tongue studs raise oral sex to new heights of pleasure, and that piercing makes the genitals more attractive and erotically sensitive. Piercing extends to BDSM. Some doms have the labia of female subs pierced and fitted with earring like hoops. Then they join the two hoops with a small padlock, a 21st century twist on the chastity devices of yesterday.

Infection and Allergies To be sure, erotic piercing can be performed safely a Erotic piercing can enhance pleasure and but can cause potentially serious problems. Be careful. xxx

To Pierce or not to pierce that is the question?

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