Necrophilia a short Story

Pau works as an orderly at a hospital, a job that gives him the opportunity to watch the bodies of young women that are brought to the hospital's morgue. One day he's stunned when the body of Anna Fritz, a beautiful and desirable actress, arrives.

Pau cannot resist taking a picture and sending it to one of his friends, Ivan, who quickly arrives at the morgue to view Anna's nude body. Around the same time another friend, Javi, arrives for the same reasons. Ivan soon decides that he wants to have sex with Anna's corpse and begins raping it, prompting Pau to suggest that he go after Ivan. However, during the act of necrophilia Anna suddenly returns to life and opens her eyes, which terrifies Pau.

The men are then faced with two choices. They can either report Anna's revival and face rape charges, Necrophilia as there was no way she could consent to sex, or they can murder her and cover up their crimes. While Pau and Ivan both want to hide their crime, Javi pushes for them to save Anna and take the punishment for what they've done. The three men argue and Ivan unintentionally kills Javi. Without Javi to stop them, Ivan and Pau decide to murder Anna, only for her to end up killing them by tricking them into believing that she is once again dead, then stabbing them both with scissors once their guards are lowered. Karma at its best. Hope you enjoyed this short but interesting story, I thought it was anyway.

KARMA pronounced Ha Ha Ha Ha

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