Spreader Bars are used in conjunction with leather cuffs and sometimes chains. They are designed to alleviate the need of anchoring a person to a chair or bed.

A leg or knee spreader bars also keeps the bottom from closing their legs to protect or hide their genitals. This type of vulnerability is particularly exciting for men and women Spreader bars as opposed to trying someone to the bed posts, allows the legs to be raised into different positions and for the person to easily be flipped over on their stomach.

Chains are used for suspension or attaching one restraint to another.

Chains are used for suspension or attaching one restraint to another. They are also used for ornamentation or to connect various ring piercings on the body. Chains because they rattle and feel cool add tactile and auditory sensations to the bondage scene . Chains are preferred by some for suspension because they are heavy duty and and various items can rehung from the links. A 3” or4” panic snap is added to provide for immediate release. The disadvantage to using chains is their weight and bulk if people take sex toys with them on a trip.

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