I admire strong women the following three (there are many more) are my favourites. When courage is in short supply, we look outside ourselves to find it. Sometimes a good book or film will rouse it, or a quiet place, or the example of another person. women warriors who didn’t back down.

Woman Warrior Boudicca: Brutal As Any Man

Years of taxation, ill-treatment, and enslavement had worn down the Celtic tribes of East Anglia. They didn’t need much rallying to rebel against the Romans. Shortly after her husband died, the queen of the Iceni, Boudicca, was stripped of her possessions, flogged, forced to see her young daughters raped and tortured. She didn’t want to take it any longer and gathered the troops. Before she died, she and her troops razed the towns of (Colchester), the capital of Roman Britain; (St. Albans); and London

Well behaved women never make History.

Woman Warrior Saint Joan of Arc: A Girl and Her Visions

The time was the early 15th century, the place France. Caught in the seemingly endless French and English skirmishes over territory and succession to the French crown, Joan (who was a farm girl) felt compelled to act. Relying upon her faith in God and the guidance of long-dead saints, she took her courage in hand and led French troops in many battles, notably to victory in Orléans. After her capture, she was tried for heresy and burned at the stake.

A sort of Woman Warrior Cleopatra: Age Cannot Wither Her

A warrior of a different sort was Cleopatra. To be sure, she won wars, but not for her the battlefield: her soldiers did the work. She preferred to conquer men in other ways, good for her.

Well behaved women never make History.


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