Sensory - Written by my Rubber Slave

How far are you prepared to go until you reach your limits in BDSM? It's a thirst that can never really be quenched, but by pushing yourself little by little will help you on your journey to achieve new heights of pleasure, yet you will be still thirsty......

Rubber slave received an email from Mistress, with very clear instructions for their next session, in it she said after closing the self locking door behind it in the dressing room, there would be a note on the table, 'you will not see me, nor will you hear me speak' before entering the play room'....

It found the note 'get rubbered up, and put on the ankle and wrist cuffs' then 'knock twice on the playroom door and wait to be asked in'.

Following these instructions it was now faced with Mistress, she had an air of strict business about her, dressed in black leather, almost a military look, it was nervous, but incredibly excited at the same time....

She walked across to it, heels of her boots striking the floor with menace, places a wide leather collar on it, and hooks her leathered glove finger through the hoop and walks it to the restraining area, swiftly attached all the cuffs she has it where she wants it, spread eagled, she straps a gag into place, and pumps the inflatable mouth piece until in can take no more, breathing heavily, it can only do so through its nose, she releases its cock and balls from the catsuit, which are met with a very hard squeeze, much harsher than previously, she repeats, it's brain and body are filled with pain but also pleasure...

It was now faced with Mistress, she had an air of strict business about her, dressed in black leather

She attaches weighted nipple clamps, the sharp sting of pain hits it, head swimming, she pulls at the clamps, even squeezed the clamps with thumb and forefinger to intensify the pain further... Steps back looking at her rubber slave, kicks it straight in the balls, it's whole body wrenches, it gathers itself, she repeats, it wants to fall to the floor, but can't... She removes the clamps, blood rushing to the Crimson nipples, she continues pinching at them , not relenting, slapping one cheek then the other, spitting, pinching , slapping, repeating, repeating, in no order, coming at it like a torrent, knees it straight in the balls, it writhes, but wants more, why more? She releases the hand cuffs and bends him over the fucking bench, she zips back the catsuit, lubes its arse, pulls back her leather skirt and out springs her cock, lubes it, and pushes into it, it groans heavily, sliding the big cock in, slides it out and repeats, a nice rhythm starts, heaving in this big tool, mistress grabs the plastic bag.... Pulling it over its head, and tightens her grip wrapping the surplus plastic around her fist, there's no room left, she fuck it hard, with deep thrusts holding onto the plastic like a horses main, fucking hard, she releases the bag, it's in sub zero....

But did she quench your thirst?

Rubber slave x

Written by My Rubber Slave Thank you for contributing and with gratitude Mistress Kristina x

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