Pain and Pleasure - written by my Rubber Slave

Mistress awoke with only one subject on her mind, pain and pleasure, the art of administrating both, with complete fulfilment. Mistress is not an evil person, on the contrary, she merely gives you want you want and by return takes great personal pleasure ......

Mistress decided to join her rubber slave today in the same attire, latex of the finest quality, made to absolute fine detail and an immaculate fit.

Whilst stood completely naked, thumbing through her outfits, she thought a good start would be her rubber panties with internal dildo, not too long, just enough to give pleasure as her body moves to the beat of the session. Deciding on a rubber catsuit, that exposed her breasts, and a choker to finish the look, she stood and admired her Amazonian body, perfectly formed, oozing in sex appeal. Smiling, tweaking her nipples, and rubbing a sex area, she was looking forward to seeing her rubber slave. Walking to the play room in her stilettos, this tall powerful woman was about to give rubber slave a hard session, because she can!

Rubber slave had been told to face away from the door and to be kneeling, it was, good start she thought..strolling to the side of it, she stoked its head, gently at first, then clenching a fist full of hair she pulled back its head, 'open' it opened its mouth, she dribbles her spit with perfect accuracy it laps at the fluid, throwing forward its head. 'Lay on your front, hands behind your back' cuffing its hands together, mistress chooses her new crop, swishing a couple times, she stands aside it, and let's the full swing go, it's eyes nearly burst, a yell of pain comes from its mouth, she unleashes with quick authority about a dozen swings, the new one landing before each of the yells could finish from the last thrash, it lays for moment trying get its breathing back in control.

Very good, 'lay on your back, she selects a cock gag, with a nicely formed cock , straps it into place, standing so that it can see her remove her rubber panties, sliding out the internal dido, Mistress was wet. She places her self straddled over the new cock and slides down staying there for second it try's to smell traces of her sex, she rocks too and fro, Mistress was in a happy place, but feeling mischievous.

Inserting the butt plug into its arse, it can see the wires coming from it. She starts the electricity to a gentle hum

Getting on all fours, she beckons it to fuck her sex, it struggles to get up, ha ha, eventually placing itself in the right position, pushes forward the cock gag into mistresses sex, she moans loving this, getting the toy moist, she orders it to fuck her , it does length after length, until, its mouth, stomach and neck muscles could take no more, collapsing to the ground.

Laughing she allows it come to its senses, whilst selecting a leg spreader and putting it in place. She attaches a rope to the bar, it can see a pulley, 'shuffle forward' she starts to hoist its legs into the air, bit by bit until just its shoulders were supporting the floor, she ties the rope. It hasn't experienced this before, what she doing? She unzips the catsuit releasing its straining cock, Spring to freedom, she selects a ribbon and and ties its balls up, tightly. Inserting the butt plug into its arse, it can see the wires coming from it. She starts the electricity to a gentle hum, 'now rubber slave, your mistress is going to give you a treat, with a latex glove and lube I'm going to masturbate you , but there is a condition, you will take your load into your mouth, however, for this pleasure I will turn up the plug to its highest level, and will not turn it down until you cum, so it's in your interest to cum quickly, isn't it?'

She removes the gag, replacing it with a steel mouth spreader just to make sure it upholds its side the deal, because if it fails, it will leave with the pain of very red strikes of her crop, which could land anywhere...

The Rubber Slave.


Written by My Rubber Slave and published with Gratitude thank you - Mistress K xx

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