SODOMY abnormal or unnatural

IN through the OUT door. Just like Led Zeppelin said.

It simply means any type of sexual intercourse held to be abnormal or unnatural in other words, every kind besides penetrative vaginal sex.

Sodomy It has biblical origins in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, which tells the story of the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorra. The term comes from the Ecclesiastical Latin sin of Sodom. In religion the term sodomy is generally interpreted as referring to both oral sex and anal intercourse, as well as bestiality. However, this can presumably mean many other types of sexual encounters; it is not unreasonable to classify kinky and or fetish based sex as sodomy.

So if you think it only means butt sex or gay sex, you've obviously never looked it up in a REAL dictionary. Dude, did you sodomise with your girlfriend last night? Eww, no! We just had oral sex. That's still technically sodomy, you know. WHAAAAT!

Sodomy is a term used in the law to describe the act of unnatural sex, which depending on jurisdiction can consist of oral sex or anal sex or any non genital to genital congress, whether heterosexual, or homosexual, or with human or animal.

Sodomy Thrusting your shaft into the bung hole of another creature such as a man, woman or a horse. Unlike the vagina, the bung hole does not self lubricate when one is horny and ready for action so many people choose a artificial form of lubrication such as K-Y jelly, butter, soap, olive oil, spit or diarrhoea. one may also violently shove his man rod into the bung hole without using lube thus creating a better challenge and some blood.

Sodomy The reason why I lost my most recent girlfriend this year It won't hurt, trust me!! ouch

The sodomy laws have been overturned so we can now overturn each other. I call it the circle of lust. xxx

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