Subspace and slaves

Sub space is a phenomenon that some men will experience. It is when the endorphins, excitement, mental stimulation, and sometimes even pain you experience can drive you into a state of deep mental space. Subspace IS REAL and not a rumour not made up, not a mind-over-matter thing.

SUBSPACE is a sacred headspace where a sub or slave immerses themselves and connects with their Mistress. Best brought on by immense amounts of physical pain. People who experience sub space __say they feel high, dizzy, hypnotised, lost in a trance, and men who are heavy masochists say that the pain when they are in __subspace will feel so good they crave more and more of it and sometimes do not realise how much damage the dominant is causing on their body as a result until it's too late.

Life begins at the end of your comfort Zone xxxxx

Slave and Mistress must have a trusting relationship as a slave cannot enter subspace unless he gives him self completely to his Mistress.

When in subspace the slave __often feels connected with his mistress as if they are one and can have what can only be described as out of body experiences sometimes accompanied by hallucinations. __Slave may feel like he can read his Mistresses thoughts and she his. This connection can last for days after the main experience and geographical distance does not always break the connection. Mistress must ensure that her slave is cared for both physically, mentally and emotionally when leaving subspace behind. She must have intimate and extensive knowledge of her slave to ensure his wellbeing at all times as he will loose all sense of his surroundings.

MISTRESS - where have you been? You left me for a while SLAVE __- you sent me to __subspace, but I am back now. Thank you

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I am Mistress Kristina a professional Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, I am passionate powerful, driven and demanding all of the time. I offer sessions in a converted domestic environment where your safety is my priority and your boundaries are respected So Welcome to my world where you will be under the control of a strict and manipulative Mistress where your fantasies can become reality.

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