Leather Fetish

Leather is strong, stylish and oh so sexy. What's not to love?

It's strong, it's stylish and it can be oh so sexy. There's a good reason why leather is way up there in the top five most common fetishes it has a long history of making people happy. And when I say happy, I mean horny.

How Do You Know if You Have a Leather Fetish?

A fetish is best described as an unusual and erotic preoccupation with something that isn’t inherently sexual. Here’s my very simple test: Imagine a highly attractive human of whatever sex you prefer, naked. Now imagine the same person wearing or using leather.

If No.2 is way more exciting than No.1, you might just have a thing for leather.

Don’t be shy you’re definitely not alone. Since BDSM hit the spotlight with bestselling books like Fifty Shades of Grey, more and more people are exploring their interest in kinky leather goods. and why not Fetish or not, leather makes for sexy, harmless fun.

Tie One On If you’re into bondage and sensory deprivation, why not treat yourself to some leather restraints? There are lots of different types available, from stylish handcuff bracelets made of leather to strappy harnesses or leather chastity gear. A leather  blindfold and gag will top it all off nicely if you like to play power games. Classic leather implements for BDSM lovers, like whips, crops and floggers, never go out of style. If that sounds like your kind of thing, choose quality products that are built to last - cheaper leather won’t stand up to much punishment!

Leather Bonding When we hear the word fetish we tend to think leather. In fact, it might just be simplest, most versatile kink out there. Whether you're into bondage, discipline, erotic leather fashions leather and love often go hand in hand.

Nothing is wrong if it feels good xxxx

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