Pleasure or Pain?

What is the difference between pleasure and pain? Can  we attribute pain and pleasure to genetic coding reinforced by  Evolution e.g. activities that hinder survival of species gets labelled  in our genes as Pain and vice versa?

Is there any difference in pleasure and pain on biological level? Yes there are differences. Pleasure is a raw feeling inside every mammal and possibly every other animal in which the animal enjoys the situation.

Pleasure can be found in or by

Being around friends Sexual activity Eating Recreational activities A dog eating a bone A dolphin doing tricks for rewards.

he list is endless.

Pain requires a specific type of sense organ..

Pain requires a specific type of sense organ, a nociceptor. In humans, they are found in joints, skin, muscle, and other places inside of us. When tissue gets broken or inflamed or otherwise damaged the nociceptors get sensitised, changing the sensitivities of neurones in the area, and a sense of pain is perceived. The feeling of someone stronger than you slapping your face or of getting beaten with a riding crop or of tweezers on your nipples or of getting spanked on the ass or the vulva or being touched somewhere that just got a bad sunburn. Anal sex with no lube OUCH!

Pleasure is different in that there is no specific nervous organ for it. For pain to be felt, the nociceptor signals are interpreted by the brain. For pleasure to be felt, several brain areas are involved from the prefrontal cortex to the limbic cortex it can be highly localised, depending on the type of pleasure. But regardless, this is different from pain because there is no organ for pleasure, it's just an emotion that our brain poofs into existence by itself.

Pleasure The greatest feeling in the world is orgasm. Pain is a close second. xx

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