Spanking is an art

That nice, hard (but not too hard) smack across your backside might have felt a little risqué the first time you did it, but now it is such a part of your sexual routine that you can’t imagine not doing it erotic spanking.

What is that? Erotic spanking is all about ____ someone for sexual pleasure or both parties. It is always a good idea if you are being spanked to enjoy it but the person spanking can get highly aroused too. Sometimes the person being __spanked __can lead to orgasm and even squirting.

1) Where Does Spanking Come From? Before you even get started with a little booty play, take a moment to realise just how far back spanking actually goes. It might surprise you. while the earliest mentions go as far back as recorded human history, erotic spanking really became a thing during the Renaissance where it was practiced in French courts. She adds that it grew to popularity in Victorian England and was referred to internationally as The English Vice.

It really became something that was more widely accepted centuries later. Erotic spanking gained international appeal in the 1940s via John Willie’s Bizarre magazine which published illustrated fetish stories and articles, many of which had a spanking theme.

Why Is Spanking Such A Turn On?

As children, the naughty stick was the worst punishment of them all and the very threat of throwing you over knees was enough to send us running but as adults, why does spanking seem, well, hot? Singer explains it is the mix of pleasure and pain and that it is mental. The same neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centres, dopamine is also active in the body’s chemical reactions that make us feel pain. Erotic spanking a perfect combination of the two can be an arousing addition to foreplay.


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