5 Real Life BDSM Stories You Will not Find in Fifty Shades of Grey

A bit of lightheartedness. We all have some humorous tales to tell, although these are not strictly mine they made me laugh and wanted to share them with you.

Mistress Medical Room Mishap One evening, a distraught Mistress __came running out of the Medical Room while sobbing because she had accidentally left the enema cap on when she inserted it inside of her slave. The pressure from the water was strong enough to dislodge it. The blue cap was stuck inside of the slave! The poor __Mistress was beside herself. I couldn't help but laugh. I told her not to worry. He would poop it out eventually.

Mistress Buggin’ Out I had my slave's wrists and ankles bound. We were immersed in a scene. All of a sudden, I saw something run across the table out of the corner of my eye. One of the biggest roaches I had ever seen in my life was running toward the slave's bum! Being the cool, calm and collected professional Dominatrix that I was, I nonchalantly reached over with a towel and tried to kill it (or at least catch it). I wanted to use it as a prop in our role play. Sadly, it ran away. My slave never knew how close he came to being screwed by a cock ... roach.

Mistress Pick of the Litter A fellow dominatrix and I were preparing to gang up on our victim with some double golden shower therapy. We dragged him into the bathroom only to find that his new kittens had pooped in the tub. With the stench still thick in the air and his kittens meowing incessantly, we cackled demonically, demanded that he clean up the mess, get in the tub, and wait for what we owed him.

Mistress Wardrobe Malfunction My slave was blindfolded and tied down in the gynaecological examination chair. His wrists were tied behind his back. His ankles were tied to the stirrups. I was preparing to climb up on the chair and pee on him. This required me to remove my black, skin tight, five inch heeled, lace up, thigh-high stiletto boots. I tried unzipping the first boot, but the zipper got caught in the laces. Struggling, I hopped around the room. Ferociously, I tugged on the laces. I knocked into stainless steel cabinets and fell against the wall as intimidating medical instruments scattered across the floor. My slave remained bound and blindfolded. He fidgeted with concern. I reassured him that everything was OK. My bladder was about to burst. Finally, I was able to peel the boot off before I wet myself. xx

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