Face Sitting

When a beautiful female sits her luscious ass down on a male's face sometimes on females too in femdom and sm practices. sometimes just for fun, but can also be part of breath control/suffocation play Face sitting was created so that the face sitter use Full Cover face sitting, where the victim's face is completely covered with rear.

Face sitting, in simple terms, is when one person sits on another person’s face. Though any gender can be the face sitter, the woman sitting on the man’s face will be used in this definition. Depending on either one of the partner’s tastes, face sitting can be done with the sitting partner wearing pants, undergarments, dress, etc or wearing nothing.

There are numerous ways that a woman can sit on a man’s face.

  • Frontal: The woman sits on the man’s face with her back to his feet. If the man is lucky to “see” the woman, he would “see” her front (face, belly, etc).
  • Reverse: The woman sits on the man’s face while she faces the direction of his feet. If the man is lucky to “see” the woman, he would “see” her back.
  • Partial Cover: A woman sits a part of her butt on the man’s face.
  • Full Cover: A woman sits her entire butt on the man’s face.
  • Hover: A woman “sits” on a man’s face while using her strength to hold her weight up; relieving the man’s face of the some of her pressure.
  • Full Weight: A woman sits flat on a man’s face, causing it to bear her sitting weight, in a way that “gets the load off her back”.
Face sitting can be categorized in one of five main categories

Face sitting can be categorized in one of five main categories not inclusive foreplay, domination, fantasy role play, mischief, or accident.

Foreplay: The full weight reverse face sit is one of the most effective ways to service a woman as it maximises her pleasure while minimising strain on a man’s neck and upper body as well as the woman’s legs and knees. The full weight frontal face sit also offers this advantage. If this is done properly, foreplay does not last long as the woman demands moving into the next phase.

Domination: This is when the woman subjects the man to “forced face sitting”, where the man pretends to be unwilling to receive this treatment. Instead of applying whips and paddles to discipline a male or female submissive, a woman would force her butt on his or her face. She could subject her submissive to breath play (smother), controlled breathing, or forced breathing. Other forms of domination would include the woman using the man’s face as an unwilling seat cushion while she does activities she normally would do while seated.

Fantasy Role Play: This would be a lighter version of domination. No discipline or “forced” subjugation here, the man plays the role of a face seat cushion for a woman’s “sitting comfort”.

Mischief: When a woman sits on a man’s face just to be silly. One popular example is when a woman sits on a man’s face while he is passed out cold, then has a picture taken of her doing this.

Accident: One example, a woman on a platform stumbles backwards and falls on someone standing on ground level, causing both of them to fall on the ground, but not before her butt lands on his face.

Dress: It is discouraged that oral sex be used during face sitting. Because of this, women will usually wear panties, thongs, lingerie, etc.

It is not uncommon for the sitee to be bound or movement restricted in some way.Some prefer using a smother box for face sitting

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