The happiest man in the world

Are you ready to make yourself the happiest man in the world?

Well, you know you’ve found the one when you are completely comfortable, want to show you have the full package and you are able to go harder and longer than ever before! By the one we are, of course, referring to your brand new cock ring.

So, whether it’s prolonged pleasure, superior stimulation, greater girth or sadistic satisfaction that really floats your boat a cock ring will be a welcome addition to any sex play. It’s about time you showed your penis some love.

Here comes the science

When you become a wee bit excited, blood flow to your manhood increases dramatically. This ensures that it is big and strong enough to perform the most gratifying of tasks. The purpose of a cock ring is to trap this blood inside the penis and create what is often referred to as a super erection.

When you become a wee bit excited, blood flows to your manhood

The body is very good at pumping blood in, but not so good at actively pumping out. This means wearing a cock ring will restrict the blood flow out, but shouldn’t necessarily affect the blood being pumped in. It is therefore possible for the cock to become more engorged and bigger than ever before. Additionally, when blood flow to the penis starts to decline, you will remain rock solid. Wearing a cock ring will therefore delay ejaculation. The increased pressure will also heighten sensitivity and orgasm.

You really cannot argue with science!

Mood spoiler alert! We don’t want to kill the mood, but let’s talk safety

- Trim the hair around the penis and testicles to avoid snagging - Ouch!!
- Use plenty of lubricant on the ring, shaft and testicles
- Avoid hard plastic stimulators as they can cause bruising.
- Remove immediately if you experience any pain, swelling or loss of sensation
- Check there is no rubbing if wearing a condom. We do not want any nasty surprises, do we?!

- Leave your cock ring on for more than 20-30 minutes
- Use a cock ring to treat serious erectile problems
- Wear a cock ring if you are taking any blood thinning medication
- Use a cock ring if you have a diabetes or any nerve/blood disorders
- Sleep in your cock ring
- Use a makeshift cock ring. This is not an appropriate time for, here is one I made earlier!

Now you are ready for the hard stuff!

So you followed our advice, but now you are ready for the hard stuff? Well go ahead you have earned it it’s time for some well deserved experimentation! Why not try cock rings made from different materials and with different features? You may also want to gradually build up the length of time you wear your ring for, and even wear under clothes to enhance your package. However PAY ATTENTION to what your body is telling you; you only get one penis so make sure you look after it

Selecting the correct ring size is vital. If it is too tight may stop blood flow completely, causing pain and leading to other complications. We are sure you want to take care of your prized possession, so measure carefully. If your ring is too loose it won’t do any damage, however it won’t do the job it is designed for either.

We know some of you like to exaggerate the truth when it comes to penis size However, this is definitely a time when honesty is the best policy!

Now that you know how to wear a cock ring let the great occasions roll. xxxx

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