The Christmas Gift

I awoke a little after twelve o'clock noon my lower back ached, must be the cold weather, I thought as I struggled from my twin bed and rubbed by lower spine. I shambled out into the front room, my eyes narrowing as I gazed out at the ice-covered street in front of my house. I noticed the long red shape lying on the carpet.

What's this? I said, my blue eyes wide as I knelt down next to the wrapped shape.

Carefully, somewhat cautiously, I tore open the red wrapping paper, to reveal the lush naked body of a beautiful young woman. The woman was bound by red leather straps wrapped around her wrists, which were resting behind her back.

More red leather was coiled around the woman's thighs and ankles, holding her in place. A red ball gag was stuffed in the naked woman's mouth, strapped in place by yet more red leather.

The words Merry Christmas were written on the red ball with sparkling silver glitter, and a small note was wedged between the woman's full, beckoning breasts. I took the note with trembling fingers, my breathing coming in harsh gasps as I raked my eyes over the lovely young woman's oiled white skin. I opened the small note, which read Enjoy your gift for breakfast, lunch, and supper and then as a bed time dessert forever and ever!"

I looked up from the note into the woman's sparkling blue eyes, which promised pleasures I could scarcely dream about.

I looked up from the note into the woman's sparkling blue eyes, which promised pleasures I could scarcely dream about. I held her possessively as I walked back into my small bedroom, gently lowering the woman onto my bed. I slid my hands over the naked woman's warm flesh, the oil wet against my fingers as I caressed her left arm, then moved down to her firm rounded ass. The woman moaned softly into her gag, closing her eyes.

Standing naked in front of the beautiful woman, I straddled her ass, rubbing my now very erect cock against her curvaceous buttocks. My hands caressed the woman's graceful hips as I slowly pushed by cock into her shaven pussy, her cunt clasping tightly around my engorged shaft.

Both of us moaned with pleasure as I entered her vagina, the moist pink tunnel squeezing my meat pole while I thrust further and further into her. I rested my left palm on the woman's bare back before I began pumping my cock back and forth inside her pussy, my member plunging deep into her belly. The woman groaned loudly into her gag, my small bed squeaking as we both bounced upon it. I squeezed the woman's right ass cheek as I rammed into her cunt, the flesh slick and yielding, her hole crushing my cock with strong vaginal muscles. I grunted deeply, feeling the trickles of pre-cum oozing from my shaft into her hungry pussy.

I laid down on top of the naked woman's bound arms, licking the back of her neck and shoulders as I thrust as hard as I could into her heavenly cunt. I brushed the woman's thick black hair away from her neck before I began nibbling on her throat, her skin sweet upon my pursed lips. I felt the approaching orgasm come, my cock throbbing just before it released its load of jism into the naked woman's uterus. I pushed myself back up onto my knees; my chest heaving from the exertion, my cock still nestled inside the luscious woman's smooth pink slit.

I reached forward to untie the gag around the woman's face. She coughed first, then looked up at me with her smoldering green eyes. untying the leather cord around her slim wrists.

Will I ever see you again? I asked, frightened by what she might say - Yes, in your dreams, grinned the beautiful naked young woman.

No names, just this,replied the woman, rolling onto her back, fondling her breasts for me while I finished untying her long, sleek legs. She stood up onto her knees, pressing my face softly between her hands, kissing me again hungrily with her hot, moist red lips. She smiled at me before crouching down, taking my limp cock into her right hand, her mouth closing around the tip of my pole.

Let me drink it, said the woman during a brief pause, knowing that I was about to shoot my second load. All I could do was grunt an affirmative while the naked woman renewed her lewd assault on my cock, her teeth gently raking over my member as her tongue rubbed the underside of my shaft, making it shudder in ecstasy. I climaxed without a thought, my hips jerking forward while my cock squirted hot semen into the beautiful young woman's throat. She drank it eagerly, her neck convulsing as she swallowed the hot sticky milk shake.

The woman groaned in bliss, her hands pressed firmly on my chest, her nails digging into my warm brown skin. My cock slowly hardened, aroused by the woman's soft labia as it slid over the cum slick surface of my member. Fuck me, I begged, the woman's warm breasts squeezed between my slim fingers.

The woman smiled, her hips rolling slowly as she pressed against my crotch. She reached down with her left hand to guide my cock into her moist cunt. We moaned together as I entered her vagina once more, her cunt lips greeting me by squeezing my meat between them lovingly. The woman replaced her left hand on my chest, both palms warm against my flesh as we thrust against each other, my cock ramming up into her warm belly. The woman moaned with lust, biting her lower lip, closing her eyes in ecstasy while I thrust deep into her womb.

I could hear the beautiful woman's pants clearly, I could sense her approaching orgasm by the tone of her moans and the way her cunt quivered around my throbbing shaft. I wrapped my arms around the naked woman's waist, I held her tightly to me, her sweat mixing with mine, her gorgeous body sliding back and forth over my torso, her flesh warming mine, so soft, so beautiful it ached.

We orgasmed together, the woman grunting in my ear, her hips shuddering as her cunt exploded with a burst of her sticky honey. I released inside her belly, my cock spewing its pale cream within her warm uterus.

Will I ever see you again? I asked, frightened by what she might say.

Yes, in your dreams, grinned the beautiful naked young woman, stroking my face one last time before fading away like a mirage. I reached up, touching the warm air where she had been, and hoped that I would see her again, in dreams and in the flesh.

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