Fun with Carol

Carol took another long drink of wine and then laid down on the bed taking a big breath and letting it out, she closed her eyes and relaxed. I put on some soft yoga style music on the iPad, and I positioned her in the centre of the bed, and I had her flip over onto her stomach. I told her to keep her eyes shut that we were going to explore her body. I had her spread her legs shoulder width apart, and she laid her arms out to the side.

Cliff and I had got in sync as we traced down her back and across her tailbone, heading down across her ass and down to the outside of her legs to the tip of her toes. As we moved back up, she could feel two hands coming up the inside of her legs. As we came towards her pussy, She lifted her hips, her pussy craving to be touched, but I stopped just short, and we pulled our hands away. I could hear an audible groan.

I had her turn over onto her back and assume the same position. This was the first chance for Cliff to check out her body, her ____ laid naturally, her nipples were hard. The lips of her pussy parted when she spread her legs and Cliff got to see the wetness of her pussy the arousal was clearly building. We repeated the same motions tracing her body from head to toe. When we went to her chest, I was careful to avoid her nipples, tracing down her stomach and stopping right above her pussy. I ran my finger down the side of her pussy, but denying her the contact that she was looking for.

Carol seemed more aroused, my dick was hard. The excitement of the situation had finally hit me that I was kneeling next to my wife with another man across from me getting ready to pleasure her body.

After finishing her back with the oil she rolled over, we started again on the front of her body. This time when we got to her chest after a little teasing we finally rubbed our hands over her nipples working them with our fingers. The feeling of four hands on her body, rubbing her tits, rolling her nipples between their fingers quickened her breathing and made her nipples rock hard. We moved down her legs, rubbing her feet, paying attention to each toe. We were working to make the massage therapeutic as well as erotic the goal was to relax her while at the same time making her pussy hot.

As we came up her legs and reached her pussy, we both rubbed our hands up and down alongside her pussy. We spread her legs a little wider, and Cliff and I each straddled a leg. This caused her pussy to open up even more. From the position we were in, Cliff had a perfect view for the first time of her pussy and her clit that was just peeking out from under its hood.

I rubbed my hands on both sides of her pussy and then traced my fingers back down. I rubbed the area between her ass and her pussy using my thumb to put pressure on it causing her to moan. I ran my fingers up the inside of her pussy taking my finger and finally making contact with her clit. I circled her clit for about 30 seconds before putting my finger right on it and giving her some pressure. She let out a large sigh and started to move her hips in pace with my fingers.

I am very much a voyeur, so sitting back on my legs and watching him run his fingers around and through her pussy made my dick hard. It was one of the most erotic things I have seen. When his finger begins to circle her clit her breathing started getting heavier, I watched him move his finger right onto her clit and started to rub it with a little pressure. Cliff’s dick was now hard, and she could feel it laying on her leg.

I started to ask Cliff how her pussy felt, how wet she was, how big was her clit. He answered with classy responses that made me happy; I moved down, and I started to suck and lightly bite on her nipples, her breathing was getting heavier, and she started to squirm around on the bed. When my wife is like this, I know what she wants, she wants something in her pussy, usually a finger finding her G spot and applying a little pressure gets her to the next level. he slipped one of his rough fingers into her pussy and began to feel for her G spot. Carol has a Gspot you can't miss when she is this turned on, the rough patch on the inside of her pussy is about the size of your fingertip. Cliff slips a second finger into her pussy, and it pushes her over the waterfall and her body erupts into a strong orgasm.

Her lower body takes on a mind of its own, and her hips and her pussy start shaking hard. Her back arches off the bed as her hands grab handfuls of sheets, the look on her face is pure pleasure. As her orgasm starts to subside, her pussy becomes over sensitive. Sensing this, Cliff leaves his fingers in her pussy, but he slows the rubbing on her clit to just a light touch. As the wave passes, she squeezes her legs together, still occasionally shaking as the after shocks shudder thru her body. Cliff gives her clit one last gentle rub, as he finally removes his fingers, the wetness of her pussy covering his hand.

She is still breathing hard and trying to catch her breath, Cliff and I step back off the bed and she rolls onto her side and lays there coming down from the ride. I step back from the bed and grab a bottle of water for her, and as she drinks it, Cliff and I lay down on each side of her. We all lay there listening to her breathing return to normal.

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I am Mistress Kristina a professional Dominatrix based in Huddersfield, I am passionate powerful, driven and demanding all of the time. I offer sessions in a converted domestic environment where your safety is my priority and your boundaries are respected So Welcome to my world where you will be under the control of a strict and manipulative Mistress where your fantasies can become reality.

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