TAWNY (Sister Veronica )The pole dancing Nun

Sister Veronica was visited by the vain and visibly vindictive Sister Victoria, the newly arrived Mother Superior, and silently watched her wave the naughty poster of an almost naked girl swinging on a pole like it was a special delivery letter from the Devil himself.

Tell me this is not you, Sister Veronica!

The diminutive nun with downcast eyes glanced at the risqué photo...

The diminutive nun with downcast eyes glanced at the risqué photo and ventured, It certainly does resemble me I must admit, Mother Superior.

The haughty and somewhat portly older nun sat down on the long, hard concrete bench and restrained her anger as she slowly recited her favourite prayer with studied calm.

My dear little Sister Veronica, I did not ask for your opinion on any degree of resemblance between you and this Crystal Rose person. I am simply asking for the truth and I expect a straight answer. Now, tell me either yes”or no is this person actually you?

Sister Veronica shrugged her shoulders in resignation and pulled a pair of glasses from under her robes. She put them on after slowly wiping them with a small hanky from her pocket. Then, she took the poster from her supervisor’s hand and studied it under the light of the table lamp that was on its last legs and ready to expire at any minute.

Sister Victoria bit her fingernail in sheer frustration.

She was so vexed with the soon to be ordained nun that she almost drew blood without realising it.

Sister Veronica pushed the dreadfully plain glasses back on her nose and looked over the photo with a careful gaze and when she was finished she returned the photo to the Mother Superior and replaced her glasses inside her robe.

I have no doubt that the person in that photo is me. It was taken some time back but it is definitely me.

Now Sister Victoria was truly incensed.

Can you tell me what you are doing in this photo, Sister Veronica? The petite nun looked with pity at the older nun and replied, I thought that would be fairly obvious, Sister Victoria. I am doing a backward slide on a dancing pole with my hair just touching the floor. It is a difficult move but one that I have perfected with a great deal of practice.

My dear Sister Veronica, we may not take vows of silence or poverty in our order but all nuns of this order are required to take a vow of chastity if they wish to continue to be of service to the church.

The pretty nun with the perfect pole dancer’s body with hard muscle and toned flesh smiled but there was no humour in her response.

I assure you, Mother Superior that my activities on a pole are not in the least bit in conflict with my vow of chastity. The older woman sputtered a long moment and then just retired to her office to consider her next course of action.

Sister Veronica was externally in complete composure but internally she was a seething mass of mixed emotions that ran the gamut from guilt and shame to anger at being found out and relief that her long period of deception was finally at an end.

Of course, the title of Sister Veronica was assumed as part of the ritualistic preparation of the young novitiates into official status within the order but, in She had five sisters and no brothers and she was the only one of the offspring to answer the call of a vocation in the teaching order of nuns that reported directly to the Diocese and came under direct control of the Archbishop.

As far back as she could remember Tawny had been attracted to the dancing pole and she began taking lessons from Ginger and Destiny the two dancers who worked at the gentleman’s club next door to her family home. The two older women were veterans of the pole and had mastered some of the most difficult moves imaginable. They allowed little Tawny to practice with them in the basement of her parent’s house which was also a home to the two women who rented an apartment in that lower level. Her parents didn’t mind the two girls dancing and playing music at all hours because the basement was well insulated. Besides, they had no sons to be tempted by the almost nude appearance of the girls as they did their complicated contortions on the exercise pole to the beat of rhythmic music that stirred the blood and aroused the senses.

The two girls were not entirely devoted to the dance alone because they made an impressive income from the private dance routines they employed with male customers in the VIP rooms in the back of the club. They were always careful to only entertain actual paying customers and not to expose their under the table activities to the local authorities who would like to find an excuse to close up the den of iniquity in their midst.

The principal manager, a married man called Tony called her into his office on several occasions to check her for drug use or drinking but she thought it was more funny than serious. He would make her spread her legs and searched her openings with his long middle finger causing her to giggle endlessly like a silly schoolgirl. After a while, Tony had to laugh with her because her amusement was so contagious.

When she went into the convent at the tender age of nineteen, the newly named Sister Veronica was still a virgin technically with an unbroken hymen but she had her slit and her pucker hole explored by fingers and tongues so often that she managed to get off on the touch of either in the privacy of a VIP room. Her breasts had ripened about the same time and they were fortunately small enough that they did not throw off her balance on the difficult routines and only added to the imagery of her beautiful body working the pole.

The club used her photos to advertise the benefits of visiting the club for a quiet drink or a piece of pie. She didn’t mind because it was unlikely anyone would recognise her since her face was a little blurred and the focus was on her rear end and her barely hidden erect nipples. One photo was of her and her two best friends as well. Their names were under each body on the pole. A number of her prior clients showed up and wanted some one on one time in the VIP lounge. She was reluctant because of her new status as Sister Veronica but since it was for a good cause and allowing a friendly finger or tongue to roam freely for a few moments seemed a little enough sin to condone for the good that it would provide to people that really needed some help.

The kindly older man who was working his middle finger deeper into her tender star paused momentarily and asked her point blank, Are you really Sister Veronica in the Diocese order of nuns over on the East side?

Tawny was shocked but the finger buried in her rectum was not too demanding and in fact she was beginning to surge up into a little anal orgasm from the gentle rocking motion. She was confused as to continue to hide her duplicity or just confess to it and let her orgasm take charge of the outcome.

Yes, it is me but you mustn’t tell anyone or I will be discharged from the order in disgrace. It turned out that the man was the Archbishop’s secretary and a candidate for the priesthood. His name was Brother Andrew and he looked down at Tawny and let her watch him slowly lick his withdrawn finger tasting her female juices after her happy climax. He pointed to his rampant cock and she decided that this would be a good time to learn how to suck off a man’s business especially one who was in a perfect position to blackmail her into any action to bring him pleasure.

It was an uncomfortable situation but she was not overly upset because in all honesty the cock of Brother Andrew was finer than most and she could easily become addicted to its constant use.

When she was summoned to the Diocese officer the following Friday, she assumed that Brother Andrew had betrayed her but instead found that he was in the private quarters of the Archbishop and had a proposition for her. He informed her that the Archbishop was fully aware of her transgressions and had decided to be lenient in her case.

He would be in attendance shortly to interview her about her activities as Tawny and she was to show him all the tricks she used to tempt men down the path to perdition. It was to be an experimental project for the Archbishop and she was to use the utmost discretion.

She agreed since she had no other choice and kneeled down to kiss his ring when he entered the room shortly after. Brother Andrew opened the Archbishop’s robes and allowed the older man’s equipment to spring out like a mouse trap looking for a piece of cheese.

Tawny knew right away she was expected to dance on it until she was able to milk it for the surging load inside in a way that would give the middle aged man full carnal knowledge of her anal geography both inside and out. She started tentatively but after he cupped her heated and swinging breasts with his soft-skinned hands, she began to get with the program and bounced with great enthusiasm on his robe covered lap knowing that it would not be long before his shaft would start to throw off spunk like an exploding volcano spewing hot lava in every direction.

When she heard the both men praying for her deliverance, she reacted like a crazed animal bouncing in a frenzy on the Archbishop’s lap and wetting his robes with her spirited spray of released fluids. Brother Andrew used a small towel to make repairs to the robe and held her steady as the older man spurted long lines of cream inside her channel designed for other purposes.

She was instructed to clean up the scene of the act with her tongue and she followed instructions with full cooperation. After the Archbishop left the room, Brother Andrew bent her over and cleaned her with his tongue in a similar manner much to her joyful delight.

Her return to the convent was with a sizable donation from the Diocese to the order and a letter of commendation for her fine efforts to improve Diocese services to the faithful. Sister Victoria was a bit perturbed but didn’t make a fuss after that with regard to Sister Veronica’s prior activities as a pole dancer of some lofty level of competence.

Tawny’s visits to the Diocese offices were often and she did her best to reduce the stress levels of both the Archbishop and Brother Andrew who would soon be receiving his award of ordination and a place on the Diocese staff.

Rest in peace

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