Bell dancing

Bell Dancing balls of fruit hanging from skin hooks.

Bell Dancing is a form of ritualistic self Flagellation where the dancer pierces the body to hang ornaments by strings into his or her flesh. Flagellation was one of the various methods of shamen used to achieve an altered state.

Other forms were fasting drugs and dances. Bell Dancing combines the festive dance ritual with self flagellation.

This combination seems to speed up the neurological process of obtaining an altered state of consciousness.

Bell Dancing is performed by religious sects using bells balls lemons or other fruit. These are usually attached to sutures at one end and sewn into the skin on the other, enough ornaments are sewn on so that they eventually form a necklace or belt around the person. The person then dances to percussion instruments or possible a flute. The dance or swirling causes the dangling objects to beat against the persons body and to pull against the pierced skin where each strand is attached. The dancers primary desire is to experience an altered state.

Bell Dancing is a mixture of spiritual and sensual sensations and like other types 0f masochism it can give the dancer a sensation similar to but much more intense than a normal Orgasm

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